The #RioOlympics didn’t go ‘as hoped’ for Gabby Douglas and let’s be honest, unfortunately, she let it show. Sadly, Gabby will walk away having learned a bitter ‘life lesson’ and most likely she will pay for the harsh reality of it in weeks and months to come. Yes. She should have been more cognizant of the image she was portraying being as she is paid well for her “Gymnastic’s Darling” image. But at 20-yrs-old, she is still ‘just a kid’ struggling with crushing disappointment!? But ultimately, she is a professional!? My emotions were conflicted, peeps…

However, as I watched the story unfold, I was starkly reminded of my own sulking behavior towards God ‘When life doesn’t go as planned.’ Times when I allowed my own selfish (human) nature to cloud the privilege of carrying Christ’s banner. Who amongst us hasn’t ever behaved in such a way?

As a parent, I want to hug her and say “It will be ok.” As a business professional, I want to scream “Where was her manager and agent and why didn’t they pull her aside to say “Gabby, you’re blowing it!” But as a sister in Christ, I say “God’s got you! He Loves you! And He will bring good out of the messiness of it all for you!”

I found Gabby’s appearance to be absolutely regal and beautiful throughout! I hope she dismisses the negative noise but not the constructive words of the wise. With privilege comes responsibility.

Side Note: Also, Gabby should have been allowed to compete. She rightfully earned the distinction and in this humble bloggers opinion, the rule should be changed.

#LoveForGabbyUSA #theLOVEchallenge

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