A Lens Of Understanding…

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, it happened again. Twice (to be exact.) Regarding two (completely unrelated) current events. “If you don’t agree with me on XYZ, unfriend me now!?”


Have you ever found yourself sitting in the Facebook seat of judgement? Twitter? It’s so hard not to when we have all theses emotions… and opinions!? But I try not to, daily. Instead, I make it a point to read my atheist friends’ posts. And I read my opposite-end-of-the-political-spectrum’s friends posts. And then I ponder. (I do try to avoid gossipy posts. Although, I admit to almost always getting sucked in by anything Joanna Gaines related.) And, of course, I read those posts aligned with my particular worldview. But what I always hope to accomplish is … To understand. 

‘To understand’ is to view a situation from another’s perspective and imagine how they arrived at that particular point of view. That ‘point of view’ could be the single lens needed to see the deep wounds another soul carries. And it can be enlightening. And, oh, so transforming! When you can grieve the wounds of another, you gain understanding and it is through this lens of understanding we learn to extend grace. An amazing grace compelling us to love. Unconditionally. And where love exists, hate can not flourish. 

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” (Romans 12:10)

Seek to understand, my friends. Seek to love, unconditionally. Share the ‘great news’ through your actions. Share the goodness and gentleness of God through your loving, not condemning, words. Share the love of God to a hurting world. Be the catalyst for change. Kindness. Civility. Be the agent for love.  LOVE is the most powerful weapon the world has ever known and the only one that heals instead of wounds.” – unknown

Here is my challenge, join me in my quest!? 

“To be so FULL of God’s love, I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or doing an unkind deed.” – #theLoveChallenge

Oh, to be… Deeper. Still. A soul’s longing. A life’s journey. 

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