The Love Challenge is growing up y’all… Not only does #theLoveChallenge have a new logo, in just a few, short days, I am attending my first writer’s conference to begin the process of pitching and publishing The Love Challenge as a book! 


Until now, I have not spoken publicly about how God impressed upon me – when I was just eighteen-years-old – that I would write a book, someday. Mainly, because I had no idea, or clue, what the book would be about or when I would even write it!? Amazingly, I left it all up to God and His perfect timing. And as it turns out, God thinks thirty-two years later is exactly the right time! 

As family crises erupted and life seemingly went into free fall in recent years, I believed I was actually living the book God would have me write…  But God always knows the plan, friends! And His plans are often long-term…  So, what about those last, five-or-so years battling evil in the trenches, you ask!? Those were dedicated, research years to the first chapter of this book – Justice Girl. And the previous forty-five? Well, those were years well-spent clinging to a loving Savior while learning to love – ever so fierce – in all the hard places God calls me to. 

Since receiving the revelation of God’s plan and the bookends for this book (the first and last chapters) only about eight weeks ago, I feel sorely unprepared for the task. Possessing social engagement numbers that are, by any standard, less-than-appealing… But, friends, God is in control and He will make the way!

Your assistance in boosting these critical numbers over the next few weeks is greatly appreciated and truly will go a long way in furthering the message of The Love Challenge. Here is just a glimpse of what is yet to come… 

The desire and need to ‘set the world straight’ is as old as the ages’ dawn. Humanity has been caught in the unmerciful, unyielding crux of what is and what should be ever since Eve took that very, first bite!? And we’ve all been dealing with the fallout of The Fall ever since. 

The Love Challenge is a ‘how-to,’ instruction guide for learning to set one’s self straight in an un-straight world. 

Only when we learn to align our hearts and desires – thus our words and deeds – with the Heavenly Father’s, will our lives point to an everlasting hope!

How we walk this out in love, indeed, will be our greatest challenge!?

“To be so FULL of God’s love that I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or committing an unkind deed.” That is my quest, join me!?

How can you help? 

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