To LOVE, or Not To Love!?

The Christian life really comes down to this “to LOVE, or not to love!?”* God IS love… and God commands us as His children, his fruit-bearers – if you will, to love!

Our sole responsibility as Christ Followers is to live in love, grow in love, mature in love, share His love, and most importantly demonstrate (to the world) the truth that WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT is the difference love makes in us!

Not only “to be so FULL of God’s love, I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or doing an unkind deed. But shining bright for all to see.” That is my quest… Join me!? #theLoveChallenge #GodsLove #shinebright #faithbloggers #Christianblog #christianity #faith #findingmeaninginthejourney #igbloggers #truth

*quote borrowed/inspired by Robert Strand, author

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